It started when...

I was about six years old when I wrote my first story, but I was coming up with them in my head long before that. Writing is something I have always done – when I’m happy, sad, excited, heartbroken or in the midst of falling in love – it’s my creative outlet. But more than that, a writer is who I am. If I wasn’t an author, I would still write, and I hope I always will.

My career as an author really began when I won The Great British Write Off competition with a short story called The Wedding Speech. It was the first time anyone in the publishing industry had looked at my writing, and their advice and guidance gave me the confidence to complete a proper novel. My Map Of You was the result.

I write escapist romantic fiction because I love to travel and I love people. Discovering new places and finding out what makes them so unique gives me an incredible buzz, and getting inside the hearts and minds of my characters continues to fascinate me. So far, I have backpacked across Europe, scaled mountains in Sri Lanka, watched fireworks explode over Lake Como, been wine-tasting near Niagara Falls, made wishes in Prague, driven along the Malibu coastline, jogged along the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, been snowed into a bar in New York, cuddled stray dogs in Sicily and cried tears over the beauty of the stars in Zakynthos – and these are just the beginning.

Each of my novels comes with a promise: to take my readers on an adventure, and make them laugh and cry along the way. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I love writing them.